Making Madder Lake

A low temperature process

Those of you who are accustomed to making lakes, will find a lot of this very familiar. The amount of detail and pictures are for the benefit of those who might wish to do this for the first time. If you follow these proceedures exactly, you simply cannot fail.

Equipment and materials required

  • Warming plate capable of maintaining a heat source at 40-45 degrees C.
  • Suitable Vessel as dye pot (not metal), i.e heat resistant glass, (preserve jar like a Kilner or Mason Jar), 3 litre capacity.
  • Plastic Bucket around 15 to 20 litre capacity.
  • Smaller Plastic Bucket around 10 litre capacity.
  • Thermometer.
  • Filter Funnel 6 to 8 inches diameter.
  • Several Large Chemical Filter Papers. Use a strong but fast flowing variety available from a Lab supplier. Coffee filters are weak and can break when moving them in a wet condition.
  • Several more good glass vessels. One of 2 litre capacity to hold the Alum solution and a couple more to collect under the filter funnel.
  • A Syphon usually obtainable from Wine and Beer making suppliers.


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