5. Prepare a vessel containing 60 gms ALUM disolved in 1,200 mls warm water. 6. Slowly add the Alum solution to the liquor, stirring continually and observe the frothing of the mixture. The warmer the solution is, (up to 40 C )the more it will froth. Leave this rather muddy looking mixture to stand for 3 days, stirring once or twice a day, just to start it bubbling again. By the end of the second day, it will look almost dead, but give it a whisk now and then anyway.
7. After the three days, empty the small bucket containing the mixture into a larger plastic bucket and fill with fresh cold water. Allow to stand undistubed for 36 hours. This will ensure that all or most of the sediment will have settled to the bottom.
SYPHON half the liquid away. The colour of the syphoned water will appear quite red. Not to worry. Re-fill the bucket with fresh water and leave undisturbed, this time for 24 hours. Now you may syphon off to within a quarter of the contents. Once again fill the now three quarters emptied bucket with fresh water. From now on, syphon the three quarters of the water out of the bucket every 8 hours or so (although it won’t hurt if left any amount of time between washings. 8 hours is the minimum time for proper settling of the lake).
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